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So… today’s topic is… CAMERA ANGLES! Camera angles are very important and are used in every film to make it better! My focus is about how camera angles are used effectively in All the President’s Men. I found a couple good scenes which are great examples of how camera angles are important.

Number 1: One of the best scenes in the movie is a scene were Bernstein and Woodward were looking through checks in a large library. It is filmed from a bird’s eye view and starts focused just on Bernstein and Woodward. Slowly, the camera zooms out and it shows just how small the two reporters seem. They are just two very small men in a large library, investigating something that didn’t seem like much. This scene showed me just how amazing it was that two men took down the President.

This is a picture depicting the library scene (courtesy of

Number 2: Another great scene is when Woodward first meets up with Deep Throat. It is very late at night and they meet in an underground parking lot. Whenever we see Deep Throat, it is a close-up if his face. The lighting, camera angle, and the position of the actors are all adjusted so that we only see the silhouette of Deep Throat’s face. This is very effective because it makes Deep Throat seem more mysterious and gives him some more character (and pizazz).

This picture shows Deep Throat the first time Bob meets up with him (courtesy of

Number 3: The most dramatic scene (in my opinion) is when Bob Woodward has just finished meeting with Deep Throat and finds out how big the Watergate Burglary is. Deep Throat advises him to proceed with caution and that his life is in danger. The scene shows Woodward walking away from Deep Throat and appearing to hear footsteps behind him. He starts running away and the suspenseful music gets louder and louder. As Woodward starts to panic, the camera starts to shake a little bit, giving viewers the feeling that we are running along with him. Sorry, I couldn’t find a good picture of this scene!

Number 4 (the last one): I thought that one of the very last scenes were filmed very well. It showed Bernstein and Woodward working had in the background, their typewriters clicking loudly. Meanwhile, in the foreground, the television is on, showing President Nixon taking the vow for his second term. The angle of the camera allows us to see exactly what is happening on the t.v. while we can still see what the two reporters are doing. This scene shows just how hardworking the two reporters are. Although everyone around them is relaxing and watching the t.v., they are still working hard to uncover the truth. They could have given up, but they decided to keep going and dig deeper!

This picture shows the ending scene (courtesy of

In general, All the President’s Men was filmed well, with 4 exceptional scenes (the one I mentioned above). This movie depended on camera angles to emphasize a certain point or get a particular message across. I can honestly tell you that this movie would not be very good without the variety of camera angles. This just proves (once again) how important camera angles are! Thanks for reading and leave a comment! :)

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