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As I have mentioned in previous blog, we have recently watched a movie in class called 12 Angry Men. It was amazing and my very first black and white film… YAY! Now, I am to write a post in which I am supposed to make a connection from the movie to something in current events or another piece of media literacy. So here goes:

I found this movie similar to Sherlock Holmes (released in 2009 ) because both movies revolved around detective work, coming to conclusions by collecting clues, spotting flaws in evidence and observation of details. In particular, I found the protagonist of 12 Angry Men (Juror #8) very similar to the protagonist in Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes) in the way that they both refuse to jump to conclusions. They are both very observant and are able to pick up many details that other people will miss. I find that they are also very up-tight. They never seem to stop hunting for clues! For example, Juror #8 was the only juror that decided to go to the boy’s neighbourhood to investigate more thoroughly. There he found a knife identical to the one that was found in the father’s body (this was a very important part in Juror #8′s proof). Sherlock Holmes (as we all know) is also one who seems to observe and make a note of everything, no matter how large or small. Even when you think he isn’t looking, he is paying close attention.

Although the two characters are quite similar, their motivations are quite different. Juror #8 was driven by the desire to preserve the boy’s life and to show the other jurors that life is precious, even the one of a mere ‘slum boy.’ On the other hand, Sherlock Holmes was more motivated by the excitement of solving crime and the action. In the movie, it is mentioned several times how Holmes tried to seek more stimulating activities when he did not have a crime to solve (e.g. drugs, street fighting, violence, etc.). The two characters are unique in their own way and even though they have a lot of similarities, there are many differences too! Both movies are spectacular (technically, I didn’t watch all of Sherlock Holmes so I had to read the beginning in a synopsis on

The image above (courtesy of shows Sherlock Holmes and the one below(courtesy of shows Juror #8.


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